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Desert Chaparral Creosote Salve

Desert Chaparral Creosote Salve

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This salve/balm can be used anywhere on your body. Many use it to help with dry cracked skin. The creosote bush has been used for centuries to remedy wounds with its anti-fungal properties.

Our balm is made with wild locally harvested creosote from the Big Bend area in small batches. Depending on the season, our stock will vary greatly. We harvest the best bushes from the ranch we can find, and ofc when there is no water - the plants aren't able to be harvested for use.

Creosote is that amazing desert rain smell that people talk about. If you've been here during monsoon season, you know the smell. It is the type of smell you can never forget.

Ingredients: Locally harvested Creosote-infused sunflower oil and local beeswax.