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How it works:

Come enjoy a night with your friends, a date or even by yourself and make some new friends!

**Group Seating: Coming to one of our parties with friends? Shoot us a message in comments and we will reserve your spots next to each other. All attendees are required to paint to be admitted into the studio.

**Whats Included: Supplies, and drinks are provided (Water, Soda, Beer & Wine). Bring any snacks or other drinks you may want

*Drop down selections show dates/times - you can also see the pictures and more info in the events calendar.

*Adult Public parties are 14+ unless discussed ahead of time. Kids (Little Pops of Color) parties are 2+ as long as your child is able to sit still for the entire hour class period, and follow directions during the party. Private parties fall outside of these rules.

*Open Studio Paint - Canvas and Paint Provided, paint your own idea or choose from any of our paintings. This is a self guided paint, instruction will be very limited. All in attendance are required to pay for admission. Children under the age of 12 require parental supervision during these dates while painting.

***Private Parties - We do private parties for adults and kids. Pricing Options available via request in store or via messenger/email.

Private party organizers get the choice of theme for their party, or we can suggest one for you based on the occasion.