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Suprise Me! - Emergo Co. Car Freshie
Suprise Me! - Emergo Co. Car Freshie

Suprise Me! - Emergo Co. Car Freshie

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The Surprise Me option will be pulled from our instock freshies, or custom made - our choice!

Our car freshies are some of our best sellers in store for the past 5 years!

These car freshies are made to hang from your rear view mirror in your vehicle but can also be used in a variety of places such as a closet, drawer, bathroom, locker, you name it! They normally last 3-7 weeks but some scents are stronger than others and can vary depending on your climate. Keep in mind that in hotter months, these may not keep their scent as long, due to the sun drawing out the scent faster. I use premium aroma beads and fragrance oils only. These are great as gifts for any occasion or just to treat yourself (don't forget to get one for yourself too *wink wink*)! All of our car freshies are packaged in a sealed holographic foil pouch that’s durable, eco-friendly, and waterproof.this makes them perfect for gifting.

We keep a random stock of scents, colors, shapes and designs in store at all time & many that aren't posting on the website. Want a custom scent, shape or color? Shoot us a message!

*Many of the freshies are made to order - Due to the process of how they’re made, please allow us 1-5 business days to make your freshies (not including shipping).


When using these in a vehicle or anywhere that can get excessively hot, do not lay them on a surface. Also, if you use a windshield sunshade in your vehicle, make sure the car scent does not get caught in between the sunshade and window, the excessive heat can cause it to melt and stick to a surface. These can melt in extreme temperatures (I haven’t had any customers report that theirs melted and I’ve shipped all over the U.S.). However, we are not responsible for replacing your freshie if it melts and will not issue a refund. We aren't responsible for any damages it could cause. You are buying at your own risk and by purchasing this listing you are agreeing to these conditions. As long as you use as directed, you will enjoy your car freshie!